I Forgive Them, but The Justice Shouldn’t . . . .

Some or many of ardent activists might not see the meaning of my praise to former powerful General and Intelligent Chief Khin Nyunt who effectively made the country a living hell by many wicked schemes during his time from 1988 to 2004 when he in turn fell disgraced by his own military boss or bosses. I know he is one of the prime criminals who made the country suffer and poor, but what I said was that I personally forgive him for his deeds. That stand is not only me, but all or most of his victims whose lives were destroyed and jeopardised have also said that they have no grudge against no one and they will even restraint to say their doubt about the process for the interests of national reconciliation and peace.

Since most of us are Buddhists, I’d like to refer to Ingulimala sutra in which Ingulimala was a notorious murderer before he met the Buddha. At his meeting with the Buddha, he instantly realised the meaning of his existence and became enlightened. However, how he died is what was the proof of the justice of the time for what he had done to the multitude of innocent peoples. People beat and stoned him to death in the end. Here, people represented Justice system of the time.

Similarly, we have Justice system in this world. Now, we have our guesses of his guilt, but no one could come up with concrete facts and these affidavits could not bring him to his deserved sentence. He needs to admit and retold the court about what he committed in the past. You have to take time to get all details of his crimes. Now, the government pardoned him completely and now he is cent per cent a free man. I don’t know if ICCJ or our Peoples’ Court would condemn him or not, but it is your task to bring him Justice for the sake of his victims and their families and may be by the whole country.

The best way I thought about this case is if he really repent for his grave wrong doings, he must confess by his own free will. He must redeem himself even by paying his life at worst, since he influenced torturing and killings of multitude of innocent citizens. That is one story. I don’t ask revenge or justice as a person, but I believe it’s the task and responsibility of the State and the State must take its responsibility if its citizens ask for.

For me, I believe Alan Paton’s phrase that says, ‘ There’s a hard law . . . When an injury is done to us, we never recover until we forgive’ and that’s it.

However, the State is different. It must use the rule of law and proof that there is no person above the law. I don’t encourage the State to forgive him or any persons. The State is very much responsible to give fairness, justice, freedom, equality and everything its citizens desire for.


About nyuntshwe

A Myanmar, Buddhist, pacifist, and pragmatic person who believe that we are what we think. That leads him positive thinking and he sees the world a beautiful place, but he still likes to keep trying for a better and more beautiful world.
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