When Good Deed is Done, . . . .

I believe all Myanmar citizens are elated with the gracious news of freeing most of the political prisoners and all hope that the remaining prisoners of political conscience are going to free until all are free within a few weeks. I saw photos of those released and relatives and friends embracing them with tears. What most of them said are encouraging for our country.

Though I don’t want to mention it here about what makes my mind very disturbed, but I think I should sincerely write it here- that is what U Gambira said to BBC. He said he was going to do politics and study about the political development of the country. Politics or social works are, in true sense of Buddhism, all mundane works, but not Buddhist monks concern. Don’t be hurry to fight back, but first ask a respectable and learned monks who are also engaging in Vipassana meditation. Then, you may argue!

What makes me please in particular is what ex. Prime minister and Chief of Military Intelligence Chief U Khin Nyunt and one of his deputy, ex. Maj.Gen. Than Zaw said to BBC. U Khin Nyunt said he bore no grudge to any one and accepted his demise as his lot and happy to find Dhamma during this dark moment and will not meet any persons and will not engage politics, but he wished the media to get its rightful place and freedom and he also said he would contact media if he would like to say something for the sake of the country. His deputy said he would not do politics and he was lucky as he acquired his faith in religion through U Goenka’s Vipassana meditation camp in the prison. I give my special bow to the two of you!

If all accept of not, all this events have happened by the work of President U Thein Sein and home and international leaders’ encouragements to Myanmar government. And also to those who were traditionally regarded as hardliners, for their tolerance on this measure, we must give them credit, too. Therefore, I hail them as great personalities of our time. I sincerely give all of them my respect and due gratitude for their deeds that brought immense happiness to all of us.

About nyuntshwe

A Myanmar, Buddhist, pacifist, and pragmatic person who believe that we are what we think. That leads him positive thinking and he sees the world a beautiful place, but he still likes to keep trying for a better and more beautiful world.
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