Our Heartfelt Gratitude to President U Thein Sein Government

Today, a tangible and graceful act of good deed is finally done by the President U Thein Sein using his Presidential authority to free all or most of the popular political prisoners. If the government accept those prisoners as political prisoners or not, the fact doesn’t change, but all or almost all of them get their unconditional freedom today.

For this outstanding gracious act, I would like to thank President U Thein Sein, both present and retired Generals of Myanmar Tatmadaw (Army), members of government, political leaders, and those international leaders including UNSG Mr. Ban Ki Moon who encouraged the President to take this action and others, and all Myanmar citizens for their courage, patience and also tolerance.

I’d like to take this opportunity to appeal the President to prevent those businessmen taking lands and farms from peasants nationwide most of the time by force and coercion with insignificant compensations and to do more to fight poverty and raise standard of affordable education.

with respect and gratitude,

Nyunt Shwe

About nyuntshwe

A Myanmar, Buddhist, pacifist, and pragmatic person who believe that we are what we think. That leads him positive thinking and he sees the world a beautiful place, but he still likes to keep trying for a better and more beautiful world.
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