I’m the True Creator of Gods

The notion came abruptly yesterday evening that I was not the person who was created by the God, but in fact, I created Him and other Gods and I was so happy to know that clearly. I thought I should write it down before I forgot as usual. However, this knowledge is the truth that cannot perish like before. Those ideas were mostly related with my artistic imaginations how to write attractive or readable articles, scripts, biographies, or even fictions.

To the fictitious creations of God, with or without the help of science, I deny to accept it altogether whether He is Hindu God or Christian God, or Islamic God. I don’t know if Hindu God preached to a crowd, but I read about the Holy God preaching from on top of Mount Sinai. No one came up after that with eyewitness about His presence. I’m sure if He is there and omnipresent, coming forward in front of the crowd and CNN could led millions of people convert to Christianity. If the world has only one and true religion, I dare say the world will be much peaceful.

Above all, true God must not say that I’m going to revenge the evildoers or teaches tit for tat or an eye for an eye, an ear for an ear. He must not commend that we must worship him alone. I dare say such kind of teachings is drawback of those religions. We are born free so that we have every right to choose who we want to worship.

My neighbours, family friends, and many other knew that I was created by my parents as they were created by their parents and so on. We, in truth, don’t need to prove our origin of human race. We are here and what we should do to our mankind is more important than those wasteful researches of to find our origin and processes or whatever. I don’t care about our origin and nobody seriously care about it, too.

Strange people throw away millions and millions of dollars in this business of research, but those guys were reluctant to help out starving peoples of other parts of the world. They cannot afford 5 dollars worth of mosquito net to provide each of malaria prone people of Africa that could much reduce rate of infection.

Here, I say definitely if God is real creator of mankind and everything, why not He let all of us have good faith and kindness and a world without war and starvation. If He were most gracious and most powerful, why He fails to protect and give warmth even to His believers instead of sectarian bloodbaths and destroying each others.

I’ve been looking for reasons to deny the existence of the Holy God, as most others believe as a separate entity. I, often times, thought the God is the pure heart something like the state of when you reach enlightenment or the other shore where suffering does not exist as we were told and believed, but only bliss and contentment of being a free person. I don’t boast that I am such a person. In fact, where I stand at this moment is still a long way from that shore, I assume.

The most important persons in this world and the most responsible persons to make our world beautiful are we. We must spread the seed of love and harmony amongst our brethren’s. We must develop patience and seek understanding. As we were originally born free without even a taint of any religion that later over powered upon us by our parents and elders. Please realise it and stay with it always. Even if you cannot always stay with it, in time of conflict, please come back to your very first moment, origin, of being born. I hope you understand what I wanted to share.

My conclusion is as John Keats says, ‘Beauty is Truth; Truth beauty’ and Lets take ‘The Road Less traveled’ as sang by Robert Frost.

Thank you.


About nyuntshwe

A Myanmar, Buddhist, pacifist, and pragmatic person who believe that we are what we think. That leads him positive thinking and he sees the world a beautiful place, but he still likes to keep trying for a better and more beautiful world.
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2 Responses to I’m the True Creator of Gods

  1. None-in-All says:

    You may know the “Truth”, the truth of Nature. Not the truth of “Faith” or “Religion”.
    As you realized, is not only knowing/understanding the truth of nature but accepting it happily without excuse. In Buddhism, for the name sake, it we called
    ” Boddhi “.
    Yes, I agree, we human-beings are creating ” God and/or Faith and Religion “.
    Why ? Hoping to solve our natural problems governed by our wants and desires ! The utmost is surely to survive without space and time limit.
    ” God and/or Faith and Religion “are the masterpieces of our man -kind, our non-material invention
    1. Among the four popular world famous religions, as far as I analyzed,
    – Christian and Muslim Religions, are trying to make satisfying the human-desires by persuasion that is non-tangible and unprovable explanation.
    – Buddhism is trying to make satisfying the human-desires by guiding till all followers wisely understand and willingly accept the phenomena and reality of nature.
    – Hindu is applying both ways.
    2. All Faiths/Religions have dual nature, that is like a coin.
    One side is especially for man and his environment.
    Social Interaction, Peace and Harmony of the Universe. That we may call CHARITY and MORALITY.
    Other side is only for individual man, himself.
    Peaceful of mind, extincting of desires and understanding/accepting of natural reality.
    We may call it, meditation, mindfulness meditation or wisdom thinking.to realize its source and practice accepting it.
    3. The birth place of each religion shaped its norm of Charity and Morality !!!
    4. Only Buddhism and Hindu guide to attain the understanding/accepting of natural reality.
    With loving-kindness.

  2. nyuntshwe says:

    For the well thought out comment, thank you friend. I have not much to say against any particular person on their belief. I believe Gods were wise persons of the period to save or to govern the society of the era from behind by making himself a kind of Holy and eternal God or alike with like minded subordinates. Christianity was the further enhancement of that old tradition and carrying the good and admirable to the modern stage and abandoning outdated and undesirable teachings of avenge, a tooth for a tooth, an eye for an eye etc. I admire Jesus Christ for his kind heart and courage.
    I was born Buddhist, but I struggle to understand the teachings and make myself unwavering Buddhist in the end. Buddhism is in my eyes, the best humanism ever sprout in this world.

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