Suu Kyi centered politics

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nyunt Shwe

Myanmar politics in general is hero-worship politics. Late Prof. Maung Maung Gyi, late Prof. Mya Maung, and Prof. Joseph Silverstein said the same thing in their books. The NLD politic is Suu-centered politics. This tradition derives from our history and culture and it’s unhealthy and incompatible with democracy tradition for the country.

Win Tin is a veteran jailbird and spent 19 years in notorious Insein prison, but his politic is Suu-centered politics. He himself is a hard liner without studying the transition history from ‘authoritarian’ to ‘democracy’ enough or not at all. Recently, his torso photo raising a right-hand-palm like taking oath at the ordination ceremony, but inked on his palm was the name ‘Aung San Suu Kyi’ widely distributed in the internet. He should be more matured than this kind of stunt. Every person, unless one doesn’t reach final enlightenment, is fallible; Suu is no exception.

However, most hardliners of oppositions and activists in foreign countries sided with Win Tin like leaders. Within the NLD, there were many who believe that the party should register and contest in upcoming election, but the hardliners and their followers, fueled by Suu’s remark of ‘Put aside the question of contesting in the election, I don’t even bother to register the party,’ over powered the 29 March meeting of yes or no to registration. The NLD is going to defunct after 6 May and we don’t know how they could gather and work on schedule or how they are going to draw agendas and implement them. Well, as popular journalist Ludu Sein Win said that NLD has failed to contribute to the people during its tenure of last twenty years, I don’t expect it fulfilling her promise of bringing the people to democracy.

For sure, Myanmar will transform into ‘Democracy’ one day, initiated by the authoritarian regime and collaborated with the new waves of politicians in the long run. It may take one or two decades depending on how much steadfastly those leaders pursue the goal.


About nyuntshwe

A Myanmar, Buddhist, pacifist, and pragmatic person who believe that we are what we think. That leads him positive thinking and he sees the world a beautiful place, but he still likes to keep trying for a better and more beautiful world.
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